Quvo’s LiDAR's bring many benefits to an operation. What is important varies depending on the clients specific requirements. However for all customers the key advantage over other methods of volume measuring is the constant stream of data which gives the user accurate 24/7 on demand data


On Demand management information at your fingertips

The fully customizable dashboard can be viewed anywhere giving users full access to their data 24/7.

Accurate Accounting.jpg

Accurate accounting of stockpiled materials

Take the guess work out of measuring your stockpiles.  With LiDAR's you'll no longer have to rely on individuals or drones, and your accuracy will be 99%.

Prevent Stockouts.jpg

Prevent stockouts and overstock situations

Allow the dashboard to send auto alerts to your team to notify them of critical point stockpile volumes to prevent the unthinkable happening.

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Manage inventory levels across multiple locations

Make your life easier and have full visibility of your key stockpiles across multiple sites at the touch of a button on your phone.

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Stockpile tracking

Use our stockpile trending tool to compare volumes, time lines and any other key information for reporting and operational purposes.


Improved logistical efficiencies based on facts and not assumptions

Utilise LiDAR technology to reliably inform logistics departments to save on wasted journeys.

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Visibility of true operational performance

Utilise the on demand data to manage KPI's and operational efficiencies.

Case studies

Check out how other companies have benefited from Quvo's LiDAR solutions

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“The real time data is on demand, we can view the data as and when required. It gives us so much more control of the incoming material.”

Gary Lumsden
Gary Lumsden
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