The H-Sensortechnik optical belt scales are extremely robust and versatile across a wide range of applications. The easily installed device can be added to existing systems or machines to enable customers to accurate measure their production.


Suitable for Mobile Equipment – Crushers, Screeners, Shredders, Conveyors

All customer using mobile processing equipment are intrigued to find out the true performance and throughput of their assets. By adding an Optical Belt Scale, they can now accurately manage their production and monitor the true ROI. Additionally if they are a hire or contracting business, the H-Sensortechnik device can be utilised to manage the contract and actual use or tonnage produced.

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Suitable for Static Equipment – Recycling Plants and Wash Plants

The Optical Belt Scale device is an exceptional addition to any static piece of plant such as a wash plant or Material Recovery Facility(MRF). Whether installed at the build phase or retro fitted once operational, the optical belt scale gives the operators complete visibility of performance. With such assets, the true performance is critical to the clients operational efficiency and profitability alike.

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Flexible and easy installation

Available in various sizes depending on the belt width and product bed depth, the H-Sensortechnik optical belt scales are easy to install. 

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Suitable for remote environments

With many mobile machines working in rural or remote locations, the ability to access such data can be challenging. Our innovative system stores the measurement information until a handheld devices obtains the information via Bluetooth. This device is then used to connect the data to the cloud based dashboard where clients can access their information from anywhere.

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Accurate Production Data

Using the H-Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scale allows customers to have real time accurate production data. Whether the optical belt scale is linked directly to a PLC for instant readings or alternatively working in a remote environment, the data is always available. The cloud based dashboard gives real time information as well as detailed trend analysis and can be customisable to the customers specific working needs.

Why choose an Optical Belt Scale solution for Volumetric Measurement?

By adding an Optical Belt Scale to your operation, you will be able to obtain real time production data, enabling you to closely monitor performance with detailed analytics.  This focus has seen clients improve operational efficiencies by over 50%.

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β€œTo be able to manage a complex processing operation it is essential to have live in time data to ensure any plant operates at optimum efficiency. The belt scale technology allows us achieve this.”

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Robin Baird
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