Small in size but huge in functionality, the Quvo LiDAR solutions offer a robust, digitalised solution to volumetric measurement challenges


All-weather robust design

Dust cannot harm the robust design and thanks to the active measurement technology, the data is collected even in the dark, enabling live data acquisition around the clock.

Flexible and Easy install.jpg

Flexible and easy installation

Quvo’s LiDAR sensors are easily mounted in strategic positions to ensure optimal capture.

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Accurate, real-time inventory capture

The LiDAR sensors provide accurate on demand data to allow improved decision making.

Coverage of large areas.jpg

Coverage of large areas

The LiDARs are accurate from 1.5m to 250m with a wide field of view to ensure wide areas can be covered accurately.

Reliable data acquisition.jpg

Reliable data acquisition

Following a scoping visit, our team will simulate the environment to ensure the solution provided is a true represenatation of your actual site.

Why choose LiDAR solution for Volumetric Measurement?

LiDAR's offer a simple, robust and cost effective means of giving you on demand actionable data upon which to run your business.

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“With the Blikfeld volume monitoring solution, we have found one solution that helps us solve multiple issues.”

Robin Baird
Robin Baird
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