Optical Belt Scale

The Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scale is a contact free volumetric scanner delivering over 99% Accuracy on production processing 24/7/365.

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What is the Optical Belt Scale?

The Optical Belt Scale is a contact free volumetric scanner. Using the latest laser technology, it effectively scans the material crossing the belt with highest measurement accuracy. Whether your conveyor is stationary or on mobile equipment, you can rely on the precise production data unaffected by external conditions.

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How it works

The sensor scans and measures the material on the conveyor, and in real-time, wirelessly transmits the data to your handheld device. From the handheld you can set Customer and Material profiles and configure scan settings. With a touch of a button you can download, print or email your measurement results directly to your office or main computer. Forget to email or print your data results? Have no fear, the sensor unit itself will store a full year of data. Simply download to your handheld device at any time.

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Actionable data

The information can be accessed directly via a cloud-based Dashboard or directly integrated into the PLC on static plants. Therefore all your production information is available at the click of a button.  Receiving your data measurements from the field allows you to review your sites production, see exactly when the equipment started, when it was down, and address operation performance issues as they happen. Your office team estimating costs for projects will receive specific data which allows for more accurate bidding, ensuring you turn a profit for all your hard work.

Case studies

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“Belt scale technology allows us to have in-time data to ensure any issues are picked up quickly without impacting production time. This has seen real and measurable improvements in plant throughput.”

Robin Baird
Robin Baird
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