The Blickfeld LiDAR solution is extremly versatile and can be used across a wide range of applications

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Wood Recycling

Due to the challenging nature of wood recycling, LiDAR solutions can be utilised to play a key part in material monitoring. From stockpiled feed stock to sized products such as biomass chip and animal bedding, LiDARs are an effective way to help with operations, compliance and insurance.


Salt for Roads

With the UK weather being ever unpredictable, why not use LiDARs to control your stocks to prevent the unthinkable happening in the time of need?

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Waste Managment

From incoming material stockpiles to baled commodities, LiDARs can be used to measure a wide range of waste streams in the Recycling sector. We've current setups measuring RDF, EfW, C&D and C&I materials.



LiDARs can prove to be an excellent measuring tool for the mining and quarrying sectors. With their wide field of view and ability to measure from distance, such a solution is perfect for measuring stockpiles of stone, sand, gravel and other minerals.

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Scrap Metal

Typically very busy environment with high value materials to be measured, LiDARs truly add huge value in the Metal Recycling sector. From accurately accruing stockpiles at month end to playing the market and waiting for peak prices, the Blickfeld systems gives you this information at the click of a button.

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Agricultural Food Storage

LiDAR solutions have been utilised globally to accurately measure stockpiled gran and foodstocks. With turn around times and date for use critical in the sector, LiDAR's can provide on demand data on which to make informed decisions to prevent wastage.



Whether its measuring material piled on the quayside for loading or inside a warehouse within the port itself, LiDARs can play a key role in planning and optimal load utilisation.

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